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How the GACRC can help 

The Georgia Advanced Computing Resources Center (GACRC) is the first place researchers at the University of Georgia turn for solutions and services for large-scale computing.

We offer high-performance digital technologies, including servers and clusters, tiered data storage and advanced networks. We also provide the shared human resources necessary to keep those technologies maintained and evolving, such as a help desk, training sessions and advanced user support.

Your research might be a good candidate for GACRC resources if:

  • You have a computing problem too great for your workstation.
  • Your computing problem needs more memory than you can afford.
  • You need to access more than one computer at a time.
  • You know what your scientific problem is, but you are not certain how to address it computationally.
  • You need to run the same compute job 100,000 times.
  • You need to manage large amounts of research data.
  • You want to reduce your time spent reaching results.
  • You want to teach computational approaches in your domain on a Linux cluster.

Interested in learning more about how you might use GACRC resources in your research? Contact us. We’ll explore together how we can help you.