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Training Sessions

The GACRC regularly hosts training sessions on a number of subjects relevant to the use of our computational and storage resources. Scheduled trainings will be announced through the GACRC mailing list.

An up-to-date schedule is posted at the following location:

If you are interested in training on specific topics, please contact us using the Training Request Form.  

You can download presentations and materials from past training sessions from the GACRC wiki.


Office-Hours Location
GACRC Office Area,
103 & 104 Computing Services Building

Prospective GACRC users are required to attend an introductory training session before being granted access to any of the GACRC compute resources.  

An existing account on a past GACRC cluster does not automatically grant access to any other GACRC resources. Separate training requirements will need to be satisfied.

Information about training requirements and opportunities will be sent once an account is requested. 


If you would like to attend any of these training opportunities, please send an email to: Also please tell us which session you want to attend.

We have 25 seats in the lab room, so we have a 25 user/workshop limit. Please respond at your earliest convenience to register to guarantee your seat.

You are encouraged to attend these workshops to learn about how to work with the High Performance Computing infrastructure available at the GACRC.