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Upgrade of Sapelo - The Sapelo2 Project

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center (GACRC) is rebuilding its high-performance computing cluster, Sapelo, with new cluster management software.

The new cluster management software should improve performance, usability and security. 

GACRC staff will handle the transition of users and groups to the rebuilt cluster, which will be called Sapelo2. The changes will not affect GACRC file systems.

Keys dates for transitioning to Sapelo2 are as follows:

  • November 17: No more software installs will be done on Sapelo. Software is now being installed on Sapelo2, and will be an on-going effort till Sapelo2 is fully in production.
  • December 1: The GACRC staff will begin migrating users to Sapelo2. New account requests will go to Sapelo2, and users who want to log in to Sapelo2 can do so on request to the GACRC staff.
  • December 15: No new jobs accepted on Sapelo (qsub does not work).        
  • December 20: GACRC staff completes the migration of users to Sapelo2.
  • December 22: User access to Sapelo removed. All compute nodes will be available on Sapelo2.

Training Sessions

The GACRC will start hosting Introduction to Sapelo2 training sessions, the first of which will be held on November 30th. 

More information about these training sessions will be posted on the GACRC’s training web page, at as well as on the GACRC's wiki, at

For more information

If you have any questions or concerns, about the transition to Sapelo2, please contact Dr. Guy Cormier at