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All persons using GACRC resources must meet the requirements described on the GACRC Policies page.

GACRC user accounts are managed as part of a "computing lab" group which is registered by a UGA principal investigator (PI) i.e. faculty member.  Users are typically post-docs and graduate students working under the direction of the PI.  The account creation process is twofold:

Computing Lab Registration

A UGA faculty member may request a computing lab with us by providing the following information on our Lab Registration Form:

  • Email Address (primary account where GACRC's notifications will be sent)
  • Your MyID
  • Your phone number
  • Do we need to provide you with a user account? 

Additionally, we are interested to receive the following information:

  • A brief description of your computational research
  • Expected number of users
  • An estimate of your storage needs
  • Software planned to be used 

By applying for a group account, the Principal Investigator is agreeing that all users will abide by the UGA Policies on the Use of Computers

User Accounts

The PI of a computing lab must request user accounts for members of his/her computing lab.  Please use our User Accounts Form and provide the following information:

  • Email Address (primary account where GACRC's notifications will be sent)
  • Your MyID
  • Your phone number
  • A list of MyIDs of the users which require accounts.

User Accounts for non-UGA Collaborators

The PI of a computing lab can request user accounts for non-UGA collaborators to his/her research projects. The process entails the following steps:

1) the UGA faculty host, will request an 810# through the UGACard Office’s Affiliate program. This is done by filling out this form.

2) Once the 810# is obtained, then the PI will request a MyID for the collaborator through a MyID Account Request 

Please make sure to indicate that this is for the purpose of getting a GACRC account.

3) Once the MyID is obtained, then the normal GACRC user request process is done, with the PI filling out our User Account Form.


PLEASE NOTE: New GACRC users are required to attend an introductory training session before being granted access to a GACRC cluster. Information about training requirements and opportunities will be sent once an account is requested.